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Advocacy and Government Relations Committee

Reaches out to the Maryland community and stakeholders to advance the University of Maryland, College Park.

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Budget, Audit and Investment Committee

Monitors the financial health of the organization and ensures that its assets are protected and its resources are used properly.

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Committee on Trustees

Manages the governance of the board including committee assignments, governance documents (e.g. bylaws), orientation of new board members, annual assessment, and others.

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Development Committee

Supports fundraising activities in order to fulfill the mission, vision and strategic objectives of the University of Maryland, College Park while strengthening its long-term fiscal health.

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Executive Committee

Possesses rights, powers, and authority of the Board of Trustees, including acting on behalf of the board when appropriate.

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Nominating Committee

Identifies and recruits potential new elected trustees and ensures the skill sets and diversity that are in the best interest of the board.

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Real Estate Committee

Oversees and stewards real estate matters by identifying and analyzing real estate gift opportunities, and making recommendations about real estate and mortgages for investment purposes.

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