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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee assists the board in fulfilling its responsibility to exercise all the powers of the full board of trustees in the intervals between meetings of the board, except as limited by the bylaws and applicable statutes, and subject to the direction and control of the board.

The principal responsibilities of the committee include providing guidance to the president of the foundation (vice president of university relations) on matters related to UMCPF and the University of Maryland, College Park; acting in an advisory capacity, when requested, to the president of the University of Maryland, College Park; providing reasonable oversight of UMCPF strategic initiatives, routine activities and other committees of the board; reviewing and reassessing its roles and responsibilities, along with those of the board and its officers; and retaining consultants or other professionals and experts to assist in carrying out the committee’s duties and responsibilities.

Members of the Committee include the board chair, executive committee chair, immediate past chair, chair of each standing committee and up to four (4) at-large members. Ex-officio members of the Committee are the foundation’s administrative officers: its president, vice president/secretary and vice president/chief financial officer/treasurer.

Portrait of Albert P. Carey ’74

Albert P. Carey ’74

Executive Chairman, Unifi Manufacturing Inc.
Portrait of Arthur H. Adler

Arthur H. Adler

Managing Member, Caves Valley Partners LLC
Portrait of James L. “Jim” Cantor ’81, M.S. ’84

James L. “Jim” Cantor ’81, M.S. ’84

Consulting Employee, Leidos
Portrait of Nancy Clarvit ’78

Nancy Clarvit ’78

Artist and Philanthropist
Portrait of Rose Horan Cohen M.B.A ’03

Rose Horan Cohen M.B.A ’03

Managing Director, Citi Private Bank
Portrait of Marlene K. Feldman ’75

Marlene K. Feldman ’75

Member, Feldman LLC
Portrait of Christine E. Fisher ’91

Christine E. Fisher ’91

Portrait of Paul S. Mandell ’95

Paul S. Mandell ’95

CEO, Consero Group
Portrait of Ruchi Mehta Ph.D. ’00

Ruchi Mehta Ph.D. ’00

Retired Managing Director, Lone Pine Capital LLC
Portrait of Daniel I. “Dan” Millman ’84

Daniel I. “Dan” Millman ’84

Principal and COO, Turner Impact Capital
Portrait of Nicole R. Pollard ’91

Nicole R. Pollard ’91

Executive Assistant to the President, AFSCME
Portrait of Michael J. Schwab

Michael J. Schwab

Co-President, D&H Distributing Company
Portrait of Craig A. Thompson ’92, J.D. ’95

Craig A. Thompson ’92, J.D. ’95

Partner, Venable LLP


Chair: Al Carey
Committee staff: Amy Eichhorst
Vice President & Secretary, University of Maryland College Park Foundation
Associate Vice President for Alumni & Donor Relations

Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center 
7801 Alumni Drive, College Park, MD 20742 | 301-405-2102

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